Football Mom

It’s that time a year again were super excited even though my boys are in a new city it still time to turn up the heat!!. Never in a million years would I think I would be running up and down the sideline yelling for my boys to get the touchdown but trust me I was always one of the loudest ones there never missing a game. I still have yet to fully understand the game but long as my babies are on the field I’m willing to learn every step of the way. My oldest son started playing for the cowboys when he was 6 he was so small his pants came to his ankles and his helmet was so big mind you everything was extra small lol.

11986350_1053636934649261_7811308022231521054_nHe didn’t play much his first year but by the next he was hitting hard one of smallest fastest kids on the team it was something about him running that ball I called him butter fingers was scared to get hit but would smack someone in a heart beat. By his 3rd year he got the MVP for best defensive player you couldn’t tell him nothing.


Wasn’t to long before my next baby was gearing up to touch the field  I don’t think they were ready for this one my boy has a heart of a lion with no fear when it comes to getting that ball down that filed. I was a little scared at first because he’s bit of the quite type but was shocked once I seen my boy out there ea11993281_1053494197996868_6832017567577585015_nting like he was born to do it. my baby played his heart out each game and every time I looked up I heard six eight yelling “THERE GOES MR PERRY”. By his second year he had his MVP award for best offensive player.

The cowboys were amazing to work with and I tip my hat to the men for all the help and encouragement they gave to my boys being a single mom not missing one gave or hardly a practice it was noting but respect from the men stepping up in the way they did to keep these young men off the street and focused. My boys looked forward to this time a year and was sad to go just know they will continue to eat all across the board while caring the knowledge they’ve  been given already.

Nothing will change I’m sure ill be the loudest mom out there yelling for my boys every step of the way its nothing like seeing your kids accomplish things and have fun while doing so. This is only the beginning I still have many years to go being that I’m a mother with 5 men I’m sure ill learn the game sooner than later until then ill be on the sideline yelling “THATS MY BABY”. I often tell my boys we finish where we start even though we had to move we will forever be  COWBOYS. Were yelling all the way to Fort Wayne good luck to our team this season COWBOY-NATION!!!!!!!!!!.

D’Estin Perry

Jack Of All Trades

When it comes to talent I feel like mines is endless I was blessed with creativity I’ve always been known to do a number of things some better than others but there’s not much I can’t do. Now don’t get me wrong there’s often a down fall to this its very hard to focus in on just one thing when I know in my mind I’m capable of doing 5 things or more. I’m often told I should focus on one and master it but what some fail to realize in my situation being gifted in many areas is hard to train your mind to do just one.

I’m known for doing hair I was born and raised in the salon my mom was a cosmetologist as well and also lots of known family members to. I started doing hair around the age of 8 and started generating income braiding by the time I was 10 being that I never got a chance to graduate I received my ged and enrolled in beauty school in 2010. I graduated in 2012 and opened my first salon/boutique as well as beauty supply store over the years I relocated and expanded my area. But I wasn’t just a stylist I did nails lashes skin treatments messages waxing services barber services and a variety of weave techniques. Even though I had all the techniques under my belt I was in search for more late 2013 I enrolled in the instructor program and recently enrolled in the trichology program here in Atlanta. It may seem as if I would be living my dream and concurring goals but hair isn’t my passion it was just a gift to keep me financially stable on my journey of life.

I began sewing and making clothes for dance groups to perform back in 1998 again another trade my mom taught me as well with being the leader of my group id always come up with our outfits making sure everyone was on point. As it came into style recently I jumped back into making kids clothing and also a few things for myself id say I’m quite a bit of a stylist with fashion but again just a gift far from my passion but something I’m good at doing in my free time.

You would never in a million years think I could draw but being a cosmetologist and also a fashion designer you  must have the eye to create images to produce. It was a bit of interest when I was younger I now use that talent to design my logos and graphics for flyers and posters I made need done for a project. But nothing major id look forward to doing but a good gift to have.

Now I may have been known for doing hair but also performing when it came to dancing the game was over I did my thing if there was a show I was there!. As long as I had my team ready that’s all that mattered. I can say I was a bit of a take charge individual I was the leader of the group getting everything done from our hair outfits music and even the steps. I can remember circle city classic 1996 the first time we hit the stage in the Indianapolis RCA dome we changed the game as they had never seen a white girl get down lol. The crowed went crazy as we put on for our city and took the win one of the best times of my life and it b1150847_759588487387442_1898073231_negan from there. We didn’t win the showdown until 2000 but to take the win is what mattered of course we all grew older and apart but that didn’t stop me from dancing. I was in the local night club every second I could get making sure I was center of attention id definitely put on a show they almost lived for the moment of me getting in the cage. Hate to toot my horn but I stole the attention of many and with my clothes on at that lol I was great at putting on a show and lived for every moment of it most definitely a part of my passion and life long dream.

Being that I could dance would let you know that music is my passion my heart my everything my outlet my way of thinking. when it comes to music I sing rap and write and this here id say makes my heart beat the only thing is I lack my most important gift my voice. Singing has always been my passion growing up Whitney Houston was my inspiration my idol my everything and I’m honored to have gotten the chance to meet her when she came to my hometown many years ago one of the best moments of my life. I often strayed away from singing and would just rap a lot because I was often told my voice wasn’t good enough so I believed I could never do it. Often times your thought become things and that has been my end result I haven’t lived my dream letting everyone tell me I couldn’t but here lately I’ve been put in position to improve my ability and chase my dream.

So even tho hair is my life music is my passion and at this point in my life I have to make myself happy set aside some things and start living my dream instead of talking about it all the time. As long as I believe in me I can do anything no support was all the support I needed to get to the top!!!


D’Estin Perry

You don’t have to be a specialist. But you do have to be savvy. To be the best for your kids. You have to know something about everything . You have to become a generalist. You have to become a jack of all trades in order to give the best to your kids.

The 8 year bid

I use to often tell myself if I would have never gone out that night my life could have been a lot different in so many ways but today I’m thankful for making it through and being taught so many lessons.

February 22,2005 my life changed in so many ways I wasn’t prepared for me and my friend went out one night to have a few drinks seen a few guys sitting at the bar that asked us if we wanted drinks we were young at the time and guys buying drinks was a plus to us. We had just walked in and said let me go to the bathroom well be right back came back the drinks had been ordered and waiting at that moment that would be the last things I could remember about that after a few sips. I’d had a black out with no recollection of what happened the rest of the night after waking up the next morning me and my friend were trying to figure what had took place.

Being that we were drinkers we would party like crazy one drink wouldn’t have done that needless to say we went on about the next day laughed it off like we must have had a good night and left it at that. At the time I was dealing with a good friend and was getting pretty serious at least I thought kicking it pretty tough creating a slight buzz around the city nothing major. About a month went by and I’d started getting really sick you know how that was about to go off goes the green light here comes baby number 2. I’d already had a 1-year-old son his dad was in prison and pretty much out of the picture so the single mother life had already began for me at the age of 21. So time goes on and everyday I’m trying to figure out how to tell my guy friend that I was pregnant finally broke down and gave him that call and you know how dat goes when you’re not official or have a label.

As I told him his first response “THAT’S NOT MY BABY” at first I got quite like what? then proceeded to talk about the situation so sure that yes it is. Time went on and we left it as I’ll prove it to you. Months went by we didn’t have very much contact I was kinda upset about the fact he didn’t believe what I was telling him so time went on and about 7 months in I get a weird phone call asking me to come over he wanted to talk. I get up shoot by the house and he says hey come in have a seat asked was I hungry and began to ask how I’d been we started talking and he says so do you remember that night I met you at the bar with your home girl?. Boy when I tell you my heart started racing I’m like yeah why he said them drinks wasn’t right but I know thats my baby. when I tell you I broke down like a baby I got up ran out the door and left. I had no choice but to call my friend and let him know as I’m crying he’s like what’s the problem is the baby ok? I break it down to him as I’m apologizing but also in disbelief.

Ladies when I say that next month in a half was one of the most longest 6 weeks ever in my life the feeling of uncertainty is very unbearable I’m not sure how woman do it but me I didn’t think I could live with my self at that point. Here I was possibly pregnant by a complete stranger and not the guy I’d been dealing with for months and that it self was mind-boggling. Here it was october 29,2006 my friend had called and said come by its late I’m in bed crazy me I get up at 2am in the morning to drive all the way from Dupont rd to the south side smh the crazy things I use to do. Only to get there tired and I started feeling stomach pains and had to drive all the way back home after the argument because I was leaving. I get to Clinton st and saint joe as I’m driving my water broke I smashed on home grabbed my bag and drove to Dupont. Wasn’t there long pushed about 4 times and here he comes I’ve got my eyes closed as the doctors handing him to me. I asked Leah as I’m crying what he look like is his eyes blue only for her to say “NOPE” all I could do was say omg!!! the doctor handed him to me I pulled dat lip back and there was the gap.

I think I waited about 2 weeks after I got home to call him and let him know hey I’ve got your son and then it all began. I’ve always been the type if we have kids I want to be with the father I’d rather raise the kids together so I made that choice to jump on that roller coaster and that was one hell of ride I went on. All the cheating fussing fighting having to fight woman in the streets as well as fight a battle within my self to leave the unhealthy relationship.

It took awhile for me to finally reach my braking point I can recall going to the club one night with my friends the old club V and seeing him in there we weren’t talking at the time I’d caught him cheating a week before this. So I see him and he immediately says your leaving with me tonight I’m like oh here you go his favorite thing was to show out in front of his friends as he’s drunk falling over I’m like ok. We leave get to the house kids are sleeping my little sister was still up and all of a sudden he starts yelling typical he’d always do that when he’s drunk he would drink to the point of no return and I see he had it honest his father was an alcoholic so it ran deep in his blood.

Before I knew it I’d waken up but thought I was still dreaming because to my knowledge I was awake the problem was I couldn’t see I’d lost my eye sight. I sat up in the bed and started touching my face I was in so much pain and could feel lumps in my head and the puffiness from my face he’d beat me to the point I was unconscious. I ended up in the hospital and everyone kept asking what happened all I heard everyone saying was dang who did it his reply her friends she was with but knowing I’d left with him was the crazy part. I can remember the doctor coming in asking did I need the police and telling me I’d be ok but he wasn’t sure if I’d ever see again I had to do further testing. I left there with a broken nose and something I can’t remember was damaged inside my eyes and yes I stayed.

It took about 3 months I think maybe less after all the steroids and others things my sight had returned my vision is horrible now and every so often I’d get these headaches in my eyes but the fact that I lived was the most important. Time went on and not too much changed every time I said I was done I’d always end up right back  July 1,2008 yep here comes baby number 3 and I was still hanging in there until about late november 2008. I pull up mid day he’s with his friends had clearly been drinking that was normal for some reason we got to arguing at this point I’m like skip this I’m outta here as I’m walking to my car he comes up picks me up and slams me in the middle of the street like it was a WWE match smh I was 6 1/2 months pregnant my other 2 kids in the car. My body goes into shock I’d had a seizure after hitting my head on the ground I was told by his friends at least.

I was picked up and taken in the house but don’t understand why they left me on the couch for a few hours they said they thought I was sleep I guess that’s the outcome when you have been drinking not being very alert. Needless to say I ended up at park view after waking up id had a stroke and was paralyzed on my right side and I was told by the doctors id never walk again. Yeah shitting me I was thinking but can you imagine being almost 7 months pregnant not able to move within a blink of an eye? yeah that was me. I did therapy about 5 weeks and begged the doctors everyday to let me go home I ended up being sent home in a wheel chair and out-patient care but I wasn’t going to settle for that id been through hell and high water I was too determined to give up id been working hard and started to regain my feeling back and was back on my feet. Left a little damage to my knee but in all I was able to push when my son was born and again I lived.

So time passed by the fighting didn’t stop the drugs didn’t stop nore did the drinking until finally I said I’m done it took that one last time and my son to yell at him daddy stop why you always hitting my mommy. The pain in his eyes seemed like the same pain id had growing up and that was it it was the end of november 16,2010 we were no longer together but he always seemed to find his way to my house went on and on until january 1,2011 here comes baby number 4. that was the icing on the cake and the last time wed ever been that close again!!! I’d met someone else by this time and was trying to move on only to find out he had twins on the way a month before they were born but that’s another story Ill get back to. So I had my boy and a few weeks later I’d finally told him I moved on I’d reached my braking point and that what we had come to an end.

I could go on and on about the after math but to share what I have is more than enough and I’d like to take the time to say Ladies if you’re in a domestic relationship get out and get out now you may believe its love but love doesn’t hurt it’s very unhealthy not only for you but if you have children for them as well I lived you may not!!!

   D’Estin Perry

Late nights early mornings

It’s seems like there’s never enough time in the day like I just don’t get everything done sometimes. I’ve always been a night owl me and mornings really don’t get along so being a single mother is overwhelming at times often being up late no matter if I’m working on a project working or just up when morning comes it’s a hassle. I get up around 5:45 every morning get the four oldest up for school the three youngest out to the bus by 6:35am and my oldest at 7:35am. My Mondays are usually free days getting things done and ready for the week we keep a schedule and chore charts weekly so everyday the kids know exactly what we are going to do at all times. That makes it easier for me to keep things in order to.

But the hardest part is having all the kids involved in activities or sports trying to be in every place at once is very hard. So I try to manage everything according to what I can really do since the bigger boys are older and able to stay home alone that’s makes things a little easier to run here and there getting things done.

So I’ve learned that daily planning is the key for me long as we have a schedule it’s easier to keep things together. Seeing that I’m not good with time and often over sleep trying to get up in the morning getting my body in the habit of getting up and holding a schedule helps the issue of being up all night.

 D’Estin Perry

The Take Off!!!!!!

For quite sometime I’d already been ready to hit the road and move away from my hometown but always had an excuse on why I couldn’t just get up and go. One story or reason after another my kids dad didn’t want me to move or I was pregnant every other year and was scared to just go with just me and my boys alone. It took me years and years to just say ok I’m done had enough I’m to big for this small city.

I started packing up selling as much stuff as possible the summer of 2015 and as I was doing that it started to seem like lots of things had been going wrong for me the more that went wrong the more I was ready to go. Then after they announced the skating rink was closing that pretty much set the tone that was my only outlet to clear my mind around the city it seemed like. I’d gotten rid of just about as much as possible and started packing the house up boxes everywhere trying to minimize as much as I could giving things away as well. I finally gave in and said ok I’m serious I closed my salon that hit me so hard everything I invested I’d just given up on the drive was no longer there anymore with the lack of support just wasn’t in me to keep doing it.

At this point I had closed my salon house was packed and was just waiting for my kids to finish school I kept pushing it back further and further kept saying I was going to leave. Every month it was something different christmas was coming up my favorite holiday I had to get it out the way and I forced the issue staying another month again. Had worked hard 2 jobs a full-time assistant manager at Journeys and 3rd shift gig at Vera Bradley I had to get it spent about $4,000 on christmas did all I could just to see the smiles on their face that morning. See the thing is I make them wait all year for toys and big gifts I give them a party for their birthday and any and everything for christmas.

So we held on until january 16, 2016 I woke up to the smoke alarm going off I jumped up ran down stairs only to not see anything ran to the kitchen nothing was going to go back up stairs but I turned to the left and noticed flashing lights. So I walked over pushed the door and flames bussed into my face it was so much smoke I started to choke at that point I began to yell “DAD DAD get up” three of the boys was down stairs in the front room with two friends. I got them up and started to run up the stairs the two youngest were still sleeping I grabbed my babies and flew back down and out the front door after the fire department finally cleared everything and told us grab what you can I’m going to condemn this house. My heart sank knowing there was no one that was going to have our back my mind began to race where the hell were we going to go and what was I going to do only to walk in and look in the room everything I’d just got them for christmas was now gone.

I then had no choice but to mentally fix my mind and say grab a few things your time is up I grabbed my purse my phone and left at that point all roads led to Atlanta Georgia. Took me a few weeks to get my goodbyes in a few more things sorted out and my mind ready for what I was about to endure for about a month I was up and down the highway at least once a week with all five boys I took $1,000 got everybody a few outfits some shoes and things we would need right away. I had $9,000 left thinking ok ill go get a crib and in no time bounce back but nope wasn’t that easy at all hotel after hotel we stayed in for months it began to get frustrating dragging my boys around and basically living out of our vehicle. Until I looked up and my account said $4,200 I’d spent $5,000 in hotels and hundreds on food and gas I knew I had to slow it down and  I tried to play it smart but me being me I kept pushing hoping and praying I would find a house soon. Looked up again a few weeks later only for my account to say $2,800 I started to panic I was spending with nothing coming in crazy I was in a place so far away so many times I said just go home and find help.

Needless to say I stayed my pride was to big to ask for help I didn’t want anyone to know what was really going on I just knew id get right soon. I finally broke down and called back home I’d found a house and gotten approved with only one issue I was short $800 so I called only to have the doors slammed in my face a good reason I didn’t want to ask. This is when I had to bite down and give all I had to god at this point I had $1,600 left not knowing when I’d make more money by this time it was april 3rd,2016 I had no child support coming in hadn’t gotten any food stamps since last november just no help at all. At this point I said ok let me budget what I did is something no mother should ever have to endure I took a few bucks got snacks filled up the truck to make sure they had things to get by went to Walmart bought a few blankets and pillows and filled up the tank and was left with $1,200.

We literally at that point lived out of the truck I’d find things for the kids to do during the day like the park or burger king play area if it was rainy while I searched for places knowing I didn’t have it all but just hoping I get approved and some way things would work out. After it would get dark I’d drive around put a movie on until they would fall asleep then it would be easy for me to pull over somewhere and get an hour or two in before I would fill up and drive around again. The worse part about that is being somewhere and you see a big light flashing only for the police to ask what you’re doing and to know you couldn’t say much beside oh I’m from out of town I got tired so I pulled over. By this time I’d looked up and my balance was damn near $400 left nowhere to go my kids asking what I was doing all the time I had to figure it out I found a few people I’d knew and was able to stay a few nights shower get cleaned up and back out to keep looking.

I’d finally realized I was getting emails about free night stays from staying in the hotels so much I had points man that was a sign of relief. I had like 4 nights free I took that and got us a room only to look and see I only had $100 left at that point I made that call to someone I knew wouldn’t ask no questions and he didn’t I didn’t tell him what I need it for I didn’t say much but hey I need your help and with no questions asked I had the money within a few hours. I broke down and knew without a doubt he was one of the realist friends I’ve ever had in my life and my return for him will be great!!!!!.

But that money didn’t last long it was gone within a few days down to my last dollars and one more night to stay in the room I started crying and my kids said mom whats wrong I just looked away feeling so empty and broken I was lost trying to figure it all out so I got up talk to my boys letting them know we were gonna be good soon they all looked at me and smiled and began to ask for stuff lol. A few days later it hit me hard I was broke no more money not very much gas I didn’t know what was next. I was driving and they were like mom we hungry and I’m like ok pulled over only to have like $4.25 in my wallet cari was crying I was frustrated I got out and had my two oldest get out so we could talk I explained to them I didn’t have enough and we had to let the babies eat first and they said ok that’s fine. As I pulled up to McDonalds I’m thinking like dang this is crazy what am I going to do. I pull over let them watch a movie and they fall asleep it was a bit of relief I was able to think for a few hours.

Only for the next morning to roll around me and the oldest still had not eaten but they were all looking at me saying mom when are we going to eat only to look at them and say I don’t know. That was one of the most heartbreaking feelings I’d ever had in my life I’d failed as a mother and had no one to blame but myself it was at that point I had to figure something out I got on my phone searching trying to find club jobs or something quick and at that point I had no choice. Found a cousin here took the kids over for a few hours and hit the club it took me about an hour to actually go out there but after sitting there knowing my kids were hungry I said skip it.

Walked out and I was trying to hide sitting in the corner didn’t want to really be seen I’d met this guy was really nice just wanted to talk I’m like ok you cool he asked me was I new I said yeah and went from there we exchanged numbers and I began to chill until he called my name it was like ok you up next I got up took a swallow and hit the stage before I knew it was 3am time to close. I ran got my things and hit the door and was in a hurry to go get my kids just so I could get them something to eat I picked them up about 4am and hit waffle house another sign of relief I started to count the money I couldn’t believe I was out there for three hours and left with around $850.

The next morning I went and got a room so we would have a place to sleep that night I started calling around until finally I called my brother I’m not sure what I’d been thinking again letting my pride get in my way. We ended up crashing there for a while and gave me a little more time to get my bread back together and back on my search I’d ran into a few people by this time did a few hosting gigs and was starting to create a little buzz nothing major. One night I run to get the kids some waffles and I met this guy lol some of you would never believe he was tall about 6″5 dark skin I mean very dark and kinda husky he stopped me and was like hey are you ok whats your name. At first I wanted to say get away from me but I talked to him and needless to say we are now very good friends and he’s been a great blessing to me and my kids.

Well things didn’t start to look up for me until around the middle of june I found another house finally talk to the lady and moved in boy oh boy it was the best feeling in the world after everything we been through loosing everything up and down the highway sleeping in my truck to not having any food to moving into a 3,000 square foot home. Yes were starting over but its only the beginning and god has something so big for me I understand now that he needed to move everything out of my way so that I could receive what he’s about to give me. Things has still been rough and I’m still working on this bounce back but I’m now stronger than I’ve ever been realizing my past taught me so many lessons and I can’t do anything but look back with nothing but forgiveness in my heart while thanking everyone I held grudges with. There’s no room for me to carry it so I’ve released it all to make room to take in my blessings he’s been placing in front of me.

As I finish this story up I can say I know so many that say  they can’t do it but trust me I did and with five on my own and have no plans to ever look back I’m at peace and I feel free like my life has just began. Never give up anything is possible he gives his hardest  battles to his strongest soldiers and that I believe and I always say they didn’t believe in me in my hometown so I had to pick up and go elsewhere.


                                                                       D’Estin Perry

Roller dome south

Where it all went down I started skating back in the 80’s couldn’t tell me nothing I had these little  pink and white Barbie skates for years . But it wasn’t until I was about ten is when the rink started popping for me it started with all night skating woooo if you were going all night skating you were popping!. It seemed like it was a long week waiting to go just to show out get dressed and hit the wheels . It went down in that Thang I tell you that if you could skate boyyyyy you were definitely the shit and once 12am came and they cleared the floor to dance mannnnnnnn it got real because if you could dance that topped it all off!. But let about 3am roll around you knew what time it was Mook was walking around with that flashlight shining it in your face trying to see who was dry humping or what not lol it went down . You most definitely knew who all the hoes were at that point I can remember getting my first hickey by my Lil boyfriend “Chris Wilson” lol my momma seen that I couldn’t go skating for about a month I was pissed . I can remember all them kids that never had a ride walking home seemed like along walk but he’ll it would be like 50 kids walking down Bluffton at 7am in the morning geared up lmao . Then it was the 18 and up crowd they started getting roofless it would be litty af tho again especially if you were showing out on them wheels you were popping!. I think back then it was the era of the “HOT BOYS “”21” “NAUTI BOYS””7 FIG” I can’t remember anymore oh wait one just came to mind “ELMO” or something like Dat but needless to say it got ugly after the rink was closed it would start at the rink and lead up to Amoco . We Called It the strip lol everybody would post up until the Police made us leave or until a fool decided to start shooting then the night would end . Over the years the roller dome died down and wasn’t very popular anymore only people still going is what seemed to be real skaters now don’t get me wrong I think all night skating was still rocking for the kids but far as the way we use to rock it was dead . So I would still do family night with my boys every Tuesday night it’s like my kids lived for it couldn’t wait they knew every Tuesday to be ready by 6:30pm lol . But that all came to an end early August 2015 the 6th I think to be exact they closed roller dome south for good but before they did I was left n11825077_1035282946484660_5715394737970422856_not only with memories I gained a few stitches that night tripped over some beads and split my chin wide open smh so many memories left behind it was an outlet for me and my boys every week!! Some still had birthday parties every so often we even still hit the rink on Thursday nights for adult night . They took a major part from the hood when they closed that place I know a few people who wanted to buy it but I heard rumors of them not wanting to sell to blacks or didn’t want the competition with Roller dome north all in all I feel like it wasn’t a very smart move it seems like the south side of town has nothing left it’s kinda like a ghost town no food places no stores no mall nothing if you want anything you gotta head north just sad . Now that we’ve moved to the A the kids are putting our routine back in our week hitting Cascade once a week but believe me ROLLER DOME SOUTH will always be my stomping grounds .


 D’Estin Perry

Wal-mart vs Target

For me I’ve always been a Wal-Mart shopper seems like they always had better deals on everything and after they started price matching it was over . The only downside to Wal-Mart is sometimes the fruit or vegetables might not be fresh but for the most part it’s a go . I love catching the fresh mark downs it’s always a lot of great deals far as kids clothing and toys go you can never go wrong in that area especially when you have five boys growing like crazy at that . It’s very rare I find good things at target at a decent price but I can and will say some items are better quality but a little out of my league when it comes to price range for me . As a single mother I do a lot of bargain shopping it’s kinda mandatory when your on a set budget or know what you can afford at that time . I have to shop smart to make sure everyone gets what they need . I’ve try ed jumping into the coupon world a few times but could never really get the hang of it plus it seemed like it was so many restrictions on using them in stores such as Walmart or Target . Another downside to Target they’ve just now began the whole grocery part and it just isn’t a very big selection I feel like if they want to compete with Walmart they definitely need to expand . But in all in all still gets my vote just seems to fit my budget a lot better than Target helps save when it comes to being a single mother as well .

         D’Estin Perry

Like My Mom

Well its come to a point I must face reality and stop running from the fact in so many ways I’m LIKE MY MOM . Sounds crazy huh who wouldn’t want to be like their mother someone you looked up to and loved more than life itself a woman who gave you life and held your hand on your journey through child hood while sheltering you from the bad and protecting you from all evil . needless to say that’s not how my journey played out looking back on my life I can remember a few good memories but there so much bad memories its hard to find the good . I’m not sure where to start so much I always wanted to say so many questions I’ve always had just couldn’t understand where it all went wrong I guess they say raising your children starts in your home a place it seemed like my mom never was  But in so many ways I find myself being LIKE MY MOM every time I look up I’m doing something just LIKE MY MOM smh drives me crazy at times only because I tried so hard not to be LIKE MY MOM  Ill jump into this I grew up watching my mom in a very disturbing domestic relationship I can remember being waken up out my sleep hearing cries for help having to get up and run next door to the neighbor’s house to get help and waiting on the police to show up once again because cookie “the boyfriend ” was drunk again and beating on my mom that  went on for years it seemed like until out of the blue he just went away needless to say we felt safe for the time being .we began doing more things like going skating once a week she would dress us all in the same colors and hit roller dome south boy I loved them Barbie skates couldn’t tell me nothing it was the beginning of my skating days we got older and she started being at the shop even more yeah my mom was also a cosmetologist and had her own salon right there on Pontiac St. next to a fish joint that use to be so bomb lol but it the seem like the older we got the more she was gone we use to have some weird baby sitters and strange people always watching us but them secrets are stories  in them selves ill get to later if it wasn’t the shop she was at the club boy you couldn’t tell her nothing she was in all these fashion shows I can remember “fashion strut” lol and some guy name “jeff” boy couldn’t tell her nothing at all the smallest thing bouncing around with ten inch nails on and was liable to have green red blue or pink hair at any given time or day called her self “SAPPHIRE” lol I always thought that was funny id be like “girl yo fire done sat and blew out” hhehehehe but yeah as I said we got older and moved around a bit it wasn’t until this one boyfriend of hers I felt some type of strange vibe about my mom I wasn’t home the night it happened she took his side on an incident that would blow your mind if I was to tell it all I know is it changed my way of thinking at that point time went on and it was around 1995 I started dancing created a group and boy that was the start of my dancing days only thing that was missing was my mom at every show yelling and screaming like she would do for my brother when he touched the stage time went on and I still did my thang I was in the 6th grade making $400 a week braiding hair making dance outfits and anything else I could to get money just to go shop and have the latest I never did understand how my mom was at work 24/7 and stayed fly but let me ask her for something yea alright by the time I was 14 I was doing whatever I wanted had a boyfriend house full of friends whenever I wanted left the house whenever I wanted never had to worry about much hell my mom wasn’t home and we lived in one of the livest spots right next to burger dairy by Macmillan park shit really didn’t get to ugly until I she went in room one day and read my diaries and boy the plot thickened lol I would always write down everything I did lmbo boy I can remember woooooo the problem was instead of coming to me she took them work and let all her customers read them as well that began a war between us at that point a war that’s gone on still till this day now that’s just a slight intro to how deep things were but here goes nothing …………..


As a kid I grew up angry feeling out of place at first I felt different always wondering why I didn’t have the same face or the same skin complication as my sister or my brother  realizing as time went on it was just me I look just like my mother I always felt like the outcast like I never got enough attention question after question always ran through my mind where were you all those years its nothing like waisted time I can remember when I was five I got hit by a semi truck yeah sounds crazy huh just my luck but how did it happened how did you not get struck you were holding my hand as they started yelling here comes a truck but suddenly your were missed and I was drug 3 blocks down the street I can recall looking down as I seen your feet but you were standing there crying as mary was holding me why didn’t you hold me close and grab me not knowing if it was my time you didn’t know but I feel like you loved me a little bit but could let me go it was times I tried to tell you things and you would say no not now maybe later you always had hair to do or get ready for a show you didn’t even realized I was being molested by the baby sitter because you were in such a hurry and always had to go it took so many years to get over it and just let it go I knew you would never listen so I kept it bottled up inside along with the rest of the secrets I always had to hide until one day I had to get that shit off my chest battle after battle I had to fight with you as I got older trying to figure out what it was with you and why shit was so out-of-order it seemed like you wanted to be my friend and not my mother the whole time I’m looking for guidance love and closure so I could mend the past and move forward but I can remember like it was yesterday my life took a turn for the worse all hell broke loose it seemed like an evil curse you took my business to the streets and as my mother I can never understand why you didn’t just talk to me from that point on the monster was created the streets did me bad all from someone who was supposed to love and protect me I was then FORT WAYNES MOST HATED I was the talk around town I felt like everywhere I went they were pointing and laughing at me like I was a clown everything about me was destroyed and I didn’t even see it coming didn’t even give me the chance to decide if I really wanted to be with a woman you told the world before I even knew and the battle I had to fight after that man you have no clue the hate in my heart was at it’s all time high and still to this day I just want to know why why did you do it why didn’t you talk to me I was your daughter your last child your baby I never finished high school I couldn’t even tell you what prom was like hell everyday I almost had to fight I was being called a dike left and right crying myself to sleep every night it drove me insane mentally I felt like a monster inside there was nowhere I could go nowhere I could hide wishing the shit would go away until that day I got fed up this bullying shit had messed my head up  I just wanted things to end I sat there and I counted pill after pill taking them again and again I got to 50 and said ok this should be enough I felt the pains in my stomach hour after hour as it started to burn I tried to keep it a secret but I suddenly got scared and told  brittany what i did she started yelling for help cause she knew this shit was big manda came running and they put me in the car flying down town  I thought that was over for me thinking what have I done my vision had got so blurry and I began to get weak everything seemed numb from my face down to my feet I was in a coma for weeks that could a been the end  for me  but god told me hold on there was more for me to see even after the fact I made it through that crazy mess there was still a long life scar id always wear on my chest life went on even tho I never returned home after the age of 14 there’s still so many scars and open wombs of a battle I’ve had to fight all my life with unanswered questions and sad memories which leaves me to believe why I always said I don’t want to be LIKE MY MOM and before I go ill say this I do hair LIKE MY MOM I owned my salon LIKE MY MOM I was in a domestic relationship for years LIKE MY MOM I change my hair often LIKE MY MOM I wear glasses LIKE MY MOM I wear rings on every finger LIKE MY MOM my ears are pierced over ten times LIKE MY MOM I know how to sew LIKE MY MOM I like short light skin guys LIKE MY MOM I wear my eyebrows real thin LIKE MY MOM I’m short and slender LIKE MY MOM you get the point yet i grew up without my mom just LIKE MY MOM

To becontinued……………………….

  D’Estin Perry

Hustle Sauce

I’ve always been about my business when it came to my hustle and getting things done to me if it wasn’t about money I didn’t really too much care that much about it. There wasn’t too much I wasn’t trying to d11796425_1031290960217192_3619320807773567075_no to make ends meet by all cost whether it was 1234 or 5 kids I got to the money on a daily so if they don’t tell you nothing else I bet they say I ate when it came to the hustle. See when you have kids it’s like no matter what you do you’ve got to survive who wants to be known as someone who wasn’t about taking care of business when it came to her kids lol not me . That is one thing I promised my self was to always stay true to my kids and do things the right way so they can follow it took me a minute to really say forget the street life I had to live solely for my kids and my kids only . I even took risk helped so many others and didn’t even get the love back in return for so many good deeds it seemed like I done it was times when I
took in other families for the holidays made sure they had things as well times I took in family members who needed the help to . I can remember working 2 jobs and going to school to make sure my 3 kids and 2 sisters I had custody of at the time had it all . I was always the first person everybody seemed to call they knew I was gone get things done regardless of the outcome over the years I grew out of the always quick to help stage after seeing no one had my back like I did and I focused more on my grind so I could get my money up in position for what my next moves were . My life always seemed to take many turns for the worse struggling trying to stay above water you would never believe even though I had a strong hustle hand I was bad with money now don’t get me wrong I was big on investing in things to double back my money but I also had a spending issue . It was a stress reliever it felt good just to buy something so just think the more I bought the better I felt I would go to Wal-Mart in the middle of the night and shop for hours but there was a catch to that as well I would shop for sale or clearance items the cheaper it was the more stuff I could buy even if it was $1 I’d just buy them all . Now the only way I got away with this was by starting a non-for profit youth program I’d give it all away every year at Christmas to families in need for the holiday . But don’t get me wrong there was a downside to that having to explain to my boyfriend that I wasn’t cheating and was actually at Wal-Mart for  hours and also having to argue about buying so much he would often call me a hoarder which made me feel a little crazy . But no matter the case it never stopped my hustle if it was something I wanted and 11796425_1031290960217192_3619320807773567075_ndidn’t have it all at the time trust me I put in work and got it no matter how long it took I didn’t have to worry about someone saying what they did because I always made sure I had it . its seems like I have an endless grind to me my imagination runs wild with ideas at all times I’m sure if I run into the right person to back me and have as much faith in me as I do ill be a millionaire over night but I understand patients and also the laws of attraction I’ve changed my ways of thinking over the last few months to make sure I come out on top because there’s no way a person with this much drive and ambition can’t make it to where I’m trying to go my ultimate goal is financial stability for me and my boys so that were comfortable nice and full because right now I’m starving it seems like I have an empty plate I make being a single mother of five boys look easy now just imagine whats coming soon this grind won’t stop  until I’ve reached the top and like I said before “we’re up next”

                                     D’Estin Perry

Off they go

It’s that time a year again back to school they go some of us mothers are jumping up and down with excitement about the joy it brings to see our children to reach new levels in life while giving ourself a pat on the back knowing we made it all happen by ourselves. Busting our butt with over time and a heavy grind the past 4 weeks to get every supply book bag shoes and gear they need. But there’s some jumping up and down with excitement of being kid free the next eight hours with no job and nothing to do but lay up sit on social media while using her ebt card to cook some random guy a meal for coming by to smoke a sack and leave her with a wet ass after she stood in every line the past 3 weeks for free school supplies and free haircuts while calling shabooboo for the free braids for her daughter for the low . There’s two types of mothers which one are you? I know I’m the type to get the

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job done no matter what I’m going through . My kids are my everything the only reason I still breathe without them there’s no me and everything I do is for my team . I’m raising five men and that alone scares me to death praying everyday I make no mistakes I have to show them better that’s all that’s running through my mind making sure every step counts without wasting time. I try to keep them busy so busy they wouldn’t have a chance to do wrong hoping and praying the devil doesn’t come along trying to destroy my home I don’t have it in my plans to hear one of them sad church songs . Everyday I gotta stay focused no matter what the case may be I’m going to go above and beyond to protect my family . Sad to say I’m all they’ve got one wrong move can change our life and ruin everything that I’ve always taught . I’ve instilled in my boys that they are leaders they are the best my plan is for them to never have to look at the white man and say yes  no matter how long it takes us the ultimate goal is success . So it’s starts at home teach your kids well failure is not an option in my home and dope isn’t the only hustle I know I’ve got along way with my boys but trust me when I say “we’re up next” it’s been along road lots of tears with a gang of stress but god told me to be patient don’t worry say less just know when it’s time don’t forget to flex.

             D’Estin Perry

P.s. All the kids looked great!!!!