Roller dome south

Where it all went down I started skating back in the 80’s couldn’t tell me nothing I had these little  pink and white Barbie skates for years . But it wasn’t until I was about ten is when the rink started popping for me it started with all night skating woooo if you were going all night skating you were popping!. It seemed like it was a long week waiting to go just to show out get dressed and hit the wheels . It went down in that Thang I tell you that if you could skate boyyyyy you were definitely the shit and once 12am came and they cleared the floor to dance mannnnnnnn it got real because if you could dance that topped it all off!. But let about 3am roll around you knew what time it was Mook was walking around with that flashlight shining it in your face trying to see who was dry humping or what not lol it went down . You most definitely knew who all the hoes were at that point I can remember getting my first hickey by my Lil boyfriend “Chris Wilson” lol my momma seen that I couldn’t go skating for about a month I was pissed . I can remember all them kids that never had a ride walking home seemed like along walk but he’ll it would be like 50 kids walking down Bluffton at 7am in the morning geared up lmao . Then it was the 18 and up crowd they started getting roofless it would be litty af tho again especially if you were showing out on them wheels you were popping!. I think back then it was the era of the “HOT BOYS “”21” “NAUTI BOYS””7 FIG” I can’t remember anymore oh wait one just came to mind “ELMO” or something like Dat but needless to say it got ugly after the rink was closed it would start at the rink and lead up to Amoco . We Called It the strip lol everybody would post up until the Police made us leave or until a fool decided to start shooting then the night would end . Over the years the roller dome died down and wasn’t very popular anymore only people still going is what seemed to be real skaters now don’t get me wrong I think all night skating was still rocking for the kids but far as the way we use to rock it was dead . So I would still do family night with my boys every Tuesday night it’s like my kids lived for it couldn’t wait they knew every Tuesday to be ready by 6:30pm lol . But that all came to an end early August 2015 the 6th I think to be exact they closed roller dome south for good but before they did I was left n11825077_1035282946484660_5715394737970422856_not only with memories I gained a few stitches that night tripped over some beads and split my chin wide open smh so many memories left behind it was an outlet for me and my boys every week!! Some still had birthday parties every so often we even still hit the rink on Thursday nights for adult night . They took a major part from the hood when they closed that place I know a few people who wanted to buy it but I heard rumors of them not wanting to sell to blacks or didn’t want the competition with Roller dome north all in all I feel like it wasn’t a very smart move it seems like the south side of town has nothing left it’s kinda like a ghost town no food places no stores no mall nothing if you want anything you gotta head north just sad . Now that we’ve moved to the A the kids are putting our routine back in our week hitting Cascade once a week but believe me ROLLER DOME SOUTH will always be my stomping grounds .


 D’Estin Perry