Fit Mommy

Like any other mom who wouldn’t want to be fit or in shape after having a baby or two or lets say 5 yeah I know right. Theres already not enough time in the day to get things done so how do you manage to squeeze in a workout plan? It’s all about time and managing your options it’s also about devoting yourself to get the job done and staying motivated throughout the process. Some often give up because they don’t see results right away but that takes lots of time and dedication plus eating the right foods as well.

I try to workout at least three days a week I have yet to really change my diet to a healthier plan but seeing how I was on a weight gain journey the last year I was literally eating everything I possibly could to pack on the pounds. I’d also drink protein shakes twice a day to help with the extra calories as well as eating peanut butter jelly sandwiches before bed and a few times during the day

I recently started jogging something I’ve never done trying to really target my legs which is a major area I need to tone up as well as my stomach area so as I keep my three days a week for now ill soon be moving it to four days a week. Which will end up very challenging with my boys and daily activity so I always chant to my self “winners never quit and quitters never win” something I’ve heard recently that stuck to my mind and it helps me stay motivated to get the job done. My goal weight is 150 solid and toned up I’m currently 138 so I’ve got just a few pounds to go

4eb6a36113707d84a913d97789de84afThe energy and the good feeling I get knowing I’m in shape is motivation in its self because trust me being a single mother of five boys is very exhausting so the energy is needed at all times as well as good health to keep up with my active athletes. So I’m currently going to be adding a few extra meal plans in place to get gains over the next few months and this should also be very challenging  as well cant wait to see how it goes. To all my fit mommies that’s ready I challenge you to get fit what are you waiting for times waits on no one take the challenge.


D’Estin Perry 

Football Mom

It’s that time a year again were super excited even though my boys are in a new city it still time to turn up the heat!!. Never in a million years would I think I would be running up and down the sideline yelling for my boys to get the touchdown but trust me I was always one of the loudest ones there never missing a game. I still have yet to fully understand the game but long as my babies are on the field I’m willing to learn every step of the way. My oldest son started playing for the cowboys when he was 6 he was so small his pants came to his ankles and his helmet was so big mind you everything was extra small lol.

11986350_1053636934649261_7811308022231521054_nHe didn’t play much his first year but by the next he was hitting hard one of smallest fastest kids on the team it was something about him running that ball I called him butter fingers was scared to get hit but would smack someone in a heart beat. By his 3rd year he got the MVP for best defensive player you couldn’t tell him nothing.


Wasn’t to long before my next baby was gearing up to touch the field  I don’t think they were ready for this one my boy has a heart of a lion with no fear when it comes to getting that ball down that filed. I was a little scared at first because he’s bit of the quite type but was shocked once I seen my boy out there ea11993281_1053494197996868_6832017567577585015_nting like he was born to do it. my baby played his heart out each game and every time I looked up I heard six eight yelling “THERE GOES MR PERRY”. By his second year he had his MVP award for best offensive player.

The cowboys were amazing to work with and I tip my hat to the men for all the help and encouragement they gave to my boys being a single mom not missing one gave or hardly a practice it was noting but respect from the men stepping up in the way they did to keep these young men off the street and focused. My boys looked forward to this time a year and was sad to go just know they will continue to eat all across the board while caring the knowledge they’ve  been given already.

Nothing will change I’m sure ill be the loudest mom out there yelling for my boys every step of the way its nothing like seeing your kids accomplish things and have fun while doing so. This is only the beginning I still have many years to go being that I’m a mother with 5 men I’m sure ill learn the game sooner than later until then ill be on the sideline yelling “THATS MY BABY”. I often tell my boys we finish where we start even though we had to move we will forever be  COWBOYS. Were yelling all the way to Fort Wayne good luck to our team this season COWBOY-NATION!!!!!!!!!!.

D’Estin Perry

Late nights early mornings

It’s seems like there’s never enough time in the day like I just don’t get everything done sometimes. I’ve always been a night owl me and mornings really don’t get along so being a single mother is overwhelming at times often being up late no matter if I’m working on a project working or just up when morning comes it’s a hassle. I get up around 5:45 every morning get the four oldest up for school the three youngest out to the bus by 6:35am and my oldest at 7:35am. My Mondays are usually free days getting things done and ready for the week we keep a schedule and chore charts weekly so everyday the kids know exactly what we are going to do at all times. That makes it easier for me to keep things in order to.

But the hardest part is having all the kids involved in activities or sports trying to be in every place at once is very hard. So I try to manage everything according to what I can really do since the bigger boys are older and able to stay home alone that’s makes things a little easier to run here and there getting things done.

So I’ve learned that daily planning is the key for me long as we have a schedule it’s easier to keep things together. Seeing that I’m not good with time and often over sleep trying to get up in the morning getting my body in the habit of getting up and holding a schedule helps the issue of being up all night.

 D’Estin Perry

Wal-mart vs Target

For me I’ve always been a Wal-Mart shopper seems like they always had better deals on everything and after they started price matching it was over . The only downside to Wal-Mart is sometimes the fruit or vegetables might not be fresh but for the most part it’s a go . I love catching the fresh mark downs it’s always a lot of great deals far as kids clothing and toys go you can never go wrong in that area especially when you have five boys growing like crazy at that . It’s very rare I find good things at target at a decent price but I can and will say some items are better quality but a little out of my league when it comes to price range for me . As a single mother I do a lot of bargain shopping it’s kinda mandatory when your on a set budget or know what you can afford at that time . I have to shop smart to make sure everyone gets what they need . I’ve try ed jumping into the coupon world a few times but could never really get the hang of it plus it seemed like it was so many restrictions on using them in stores such as Walmart or Target . Another downside to Target they’ve just now began the whole grocery part and it just isn’t a very big selection I feel like if they want to compete with Walmart they definitely need to expand . But in all in all still gets my vote just seems to fit my budget a lot better than Target helps save when it comes to being a single mother as well .

         D’Estin Perry

Off they go

It’s that time a year again back to school they go some of us mothers are jumping up and down with excitement about the joy it brings to see our children to reach new levels in life while giving ourself a pat on the back knowing we made it all happen by ourselves. Busting our butt with over time and a heavy grind the past 4 weeks to get every supply book bag shoes and gear they need. But there’s some jumping up and down with excitement of being kid free the next eight hours with no job and nothing to do but lay up sit on social media while using her ebt card to cook some random guy a meal for coming by to smoke a sack and leave her with a wet ass after she stood in every line the past 3 weeks for free school supplies and free haircuts while calling shabooboo for the free braids for her daughter for the low . There’s two types of mothers which one are you? I know I’m the type to get the

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job done no matter what I’m going through . My kids are my everything the only reason I still breathe without them there’s no me and everything I do is for my team . I’m raising five men and that alone scares me to death praying everyday I make no mistakes I have to show them better that’s all that’s running through my mind making sure every step counts without wasting time. I try to keep them busy so busy they wouldn’t have a chance to do wrong hoping and praying the devil doesn’t come along trying to destroy my home I don’t have it in my plans to hear one of them sad church songs . Everyday I gotta stay focused no matter what the case may be I’m going to go above and beyond to protect my family . Sad to say I’m all they’ve got one wrong move can change our life and ruin everything that I’ve always taught . I’ve instilled in my boys that they are leaders they are the best my plan is for them to never have to look at the white man and say yes  no matter how long it takes us the ultimate goal is success . So it’s starts at home teach your kids well failure is not an option in my home and dope isn’t the only hustle I know I’ve got along way with my boys but trust me when I say “we’re up next” it’s been along road lots of tears with a gang of stress but god told me to be patient don’t worry say less just know when it’s time don’t forget to flex.

             D’Estin Perry

P.s. All the kids looked great!!!!

Sunday fun day

AirBrush_20160814202853It’s never a dull moment around my house on a sunday wakeup bumping that good old H-Town or Adina Howard as I’m cleaning the house doing laundry and getting ready for the famous Sunday dinner . Yes I know I don’t look like your typical mom but I live for every moment being a mother means the world to me I always wanted a big family and trust me I got just that . Learned a lot on my own but never in a million years did I think I’d be a single mother of five wooooo scary huh . It’s not as easy as I make it look trust me these kids can be off the hook “mom he hit me” “mom I’m hungry” “mom mom mom mom mom” gets overwhelming at times but one thing I do is keep a schedule it works out great keeping them on a routine is so much easier.  From sun up to sun down its helps keep me a Lil more organized without loosing my sanity all at once . I usually call Sunday the fun day because I give them options to run around outside or play games most of the day as I have my mommy moment around the house . We usually wine down bout 7pm have dinner which leads to baths and bed by 9pm and you know what that means I get more mommy time!!. Time for me to relax get my thoughts together for the week I’m always so busy with the boys I don’t often get time for me.