Jack Of All Trades

When it comes to talent I feel like mines is endless I was blessed with creativity I’ve always been known to do a number of things some better than others but there’s not much I can’t do. Now don’t get me wrong there’s often a down fall to this its very hard to focus in on just one thing when I know in my mind I’m capable of doing 5 things or more. I’m often told I should focus on one and master it but what some fail to realize in my situation being gifted in many areas is hard to train your mind to do just one.

I’m known for doing hair I was born and raised in the salon my mom was a cosmetologist as well and also lots of known family members to. I started doing hair around the age of 8 and started generating income braiding by the time I was 10 being that I never got a chance to graduate I received my ged and enrolled in beauty school in 2010. I graduated in 2012 and opened my first salon/boutique as well as beauty supply store over the years I relocated and expanded my area. But I wasn’t just a stylist I did nails lashes skin treatments messages waxing services barber services and a variety of weave techniques. Even though I had all the techniques under my belt I was in search for more late 2013 I enrolled in the instructor program and recently enrolled in the trichology program here in Atlanta. It may seem as if I would be living my dream and concurring goals but hair isn’t my passion it was just a gift to keep me financially stable on my journey of life.

I began sewing and making clothes for dance groups to perform back in 1998 again another trade my mom taught me as well with being the leader of my group id always come up with our outfits making sure everyone was on point. As it came into style recently I jumped back into making kids clothing and also a few things for myself id say I’m quite a bit of a stylist with fashion but again just a gift far from my passion but something I’m good at doing in my free time.

You would never in a million years think I could draw but being a cosmetologist and also a fashion designer you  must have the eye to create images to produce. It was a bit of interest when I was younger I now use that talent to design my logos and graphics for flyers and posters I made need done for a project. But nothing major id look forward to doing but a good gift to have.

Now I may have been known for doing hair but also performing when it came to dancing the game was over I did my thing if there was a show I was there!. As long as I had my team ready that’s all that mattered. I can say I was a bit of a take charge individual I was the leader of the group getting everything done from our hair outfits music and even the steps. I can remember circle city classic 1996 the first time we hit the stage in the Indianapolis RCA dome we changed the game as they had never seen a white girl get down lol. The crowed went crazy as we put on for our city and took the win one of the best times of my life and it b1150847_759588487387442_1898073231_negan from there. We didn’t win the showdown until 2000 but to take the win is what mattered of course we all grew older and apart but that didn’t stop me from dancing. I was in the local night club every second I could get making sure I was center of attention id definitely put on a show they almost lived for the moment of me getting in the cage. Hate to toot my horn but I stole the attention of many and with my clothes on at that lol I was great at putting on a show and lived for every moment of it most definitely a part of my passion and life long dream.

Being that I could dance would let you know that music is my passion my heart my everything my outlet my way of thinking. when it comes to music I sing rap and write and this here id say makes my heart beat the only thing is I lack my most important gift my voice. Singing has always been my passion growing up Whitney Houston was my inspiration my idol my everything and I’m honored to have gotten the chance to meet her when she came to my hometown many years ago one of the best moments of my life. I often strayed away from singing and would just rap a lot because I was often told my voice wasn’t good enough so I believed I could never do it. Often times your thought become things and that has been my end result I haven’t lived my dream letting everyone tell me I couldn’t but here lately I’ve been put in position to improve my ability and chase my dream.

So even tho hair is my life music is my passion and at this point in my life I have to make myself happy set aside some things and start living my dream instead of talking about it all the time. As long as I believe in me I can do anything no support was all the support I needed to get to the top!!!


D’Estin Perry

You don’t have to be a specialist. But you do have to be savvy. To be the best for your kids. You have to know something about everything . You have to become a generalist. You have to become a jack of all trades in order to give the best to your kids.