Dear Grandma Josie

Well its been awhile and so much has changed but one thing I can’t seem to get out of my head is the last image of you before the casket closed. I just don’t understand never in a million years did I think you would go so soon.

3rd grade grand parents day
3rd grade grand parents day!! She had just had surgery on her eyes but was there without a doubt!!!!!



My oldest nasty and my baby brother my life lines.
My oldest nauty and my baby           brother my life lines.

You were the strongest person I’d ever met in my life with the heart of lion I’d give anything to just talk to you right now just to call and tell you your nauty is a teenager now,  boy I know your face would  light up like the sun. Man oh man I could go on forever about you but


I’m still a little speechless and I know I shouldn’t  question his work but this one here Ill never understand.

Me Bo and Marus
Me Bo and Marus


When I got the call about you being sick I brushed it off because I just knew you would pull through like you always did . You were unstoppable would a have a surgery today and be playing ball tomorrow we didn’t always see eye to eye but I know you meant well through it all man do I miss you old woman so many memories playing back in my mind I can hear you now yelling “HOT DAMN” or “COME EAT ITS SUPPER TIME”.

You would make us scrub your feet or squeeze these nasty black heads on your back I use to be so mad like mom I don’t wanna go to grandma house lol. I remember you would always sing this song to joi and I’d be so mad like why don’t I have a song? so you would sing it to me and change her name “GIVE ME DEE SO I KNOW I CAN MAKE IT”. Lol just had a lot on my mind decided to write you a letter we miss you down here but I know you  my grandma and uncle David up there having a ball. I wonder how many times aunt Margaret done kicked your butt in checkers man oh man until we meet again I love you grandma Josie.



Love Dee

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