Fit Mommy

Like any other mom who wouldn’t want to be fit or in shape after having a baby or two or lets say 5 yeah I know right. Theres already not enough time in the day to get things done so how do you manage to squeeze in a workout plan? It’s all about time and managing your options it’s also about devoting yourself to get the job done and staying motivated throughout the process. Some often give up because they don’t see results right away but that takes lots of time and dedication plus eating the right foods as well.

I try to workout at least three days a week I have yet to really change my diet to a healthier plan but seeing how I was on a weight gain journey the last year I was literally eating everything I possibly could to pack on the pounds. I’d also drink protein shakes twice a day to help with the extra calories as well as eating peanut butter jelly sandwiches before bed and a few times during the day

I recently started jogging something I’ve never done trying to really target my legs which is a major area I need to tone up as well as my stomach area so as I keep my three days a week for now ill soon be moving it to four days a week. Which will end up very challenging with my boys and daily activity so I always chant to my self “winners never quit and quitters never win” something I’ve heard recently that stuck to my mind and it helps me stay motivated to get the job done. My goal weight is 150 solid and toned up I’m currently 138 so I’ve got just a few pounds to go

4eb6a36113707d84a913d97789de84afThe energy and the good feeling I get knowing I’m in shape is motivation in its self because trust me being a single mother of five boys is very exhausting so the energy is needed at all times as well as good health to keep up with my active athletes. So I’m currently going to be adding a few extra meal plans in place to get gains over the next few months and this should also be very challenging  as well cant wait to see how it goes. To all my fit mommies that’s ready I challenge you to get fit what are you waiting for times waits on no one take the challenge.


D’Estin Perry 

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