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It’s that time a year again were super excited even though my boys are in a new city it still time to turn up the heat!!. Never in a million years would I think I would be running up and down the sideline yelling for my boys to get the touchdown but trust me I was always one of the loudest ones there never missing a game. I still have yet to fully understand the game but long as my babies are on the field I’m willing to learn every step of the way. My oldest son started playing for the cowboys when he was 6 he was so small his pants came to his ankles and his helmet was so big mind you everything was extra small lol.

11986350_1053636934649261_7811308022231521054_nHe didn’t play much his first year but by the next he was hitting hard one of smallest fastest kids on the team it was something about him running that ball I called him butter fingers was scared to get hit but would smack someone in a heart beat. By his 3rd year he got the MVP for best defensive player you couldn’t tell him nothing.


Wasn’t to long before my next baby was gearing up to touch the field  I don’t think they were ready for this one my boy has a heart of a lion with no fear when it comes to getting that ball down that filed. I was a little scared at first because he’s bit of the quite type but was shocked once I seen my boy out there ea11993281_1053494197996868_6832017567577585015_nting like he was born to do it. my baby played his heart out each game and every time I looked up I heard six eight yelling “THERE GOES MR PERRY”. By his second year he had his MVP award for best offensive player.

The cowboys were amazing to work with and I tip my hat to the men for all the help and encouragement they gave to my boys being a single mom not missing one gave or hardly a practice it was noting but respect from the men stepping up in the way they did to keep these young men off the street and focused. My boys looked forward to this time a year and was sad to go just know they will continue to eat all across the board while caring the knowledge they’ve  been given already.

Nothing will change I’m sure ill be the loudest mom out there yelling for my boys every step of the way its nothing like seeing your kids accomplish things and have fun while doing so. This is only the beginning I still have many years to go being that I’m a mother with 5 men I’m sure ill learn the game sooner than later until then ill be on the sideline yelling “THATS MY BABY”. I often tell my boys we finish where we start even though we had to move we will forever be  COWBOYS. Were yelling all the way to Fort Wayne good luck to our team this season COWBOY-NATION!!!!!!!!!!.

D’Estin Perry

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