Hustle Sauce

I’ve always been about my business when it came to my hustle and getting things done to me if it wasn’t about money I didn’t really too much care that much about it. There wasn’t too much I wasn’t trying to d11796425_1031290960217192_3619320807773567075_no to make ends meet by all cost whether it was 1234 or 5 kids I got to the money on a daily so if they don’t tell you nothing else I bet they say I ate when it came to the hustle. See when you have kids it’s like no matter what you do you’ve got to survive who wants to be known as someone who wasn’t about taking care of business when it came to her kids lol not me . That is one thing I promised my self was to always stay true to my kids and do things the right way so they can follow it took me a minute to really say forget the street life I had to live solely for my kids and my kids only . I even took risk helped so many others and didn’t even get the love back in return for so many good deeds it seemed like I done it was times when I
took in other families for the holidays made sure they had things as well times I took in family members who needed the help to . I can remember working 2 jobs and going to school to make sure my 3 kids and 2 sisters I had custody of at the time had it all . I was always the first person everybody seemed to call they knew I was gone get things done regardless of the outcome over the years I grew out of the always quick to help stage after seeing no one had my back like I did and I focused more on my grind so I could get my money up in position for what my next moves were . My life always seemed to take many turns for the worse struggling trying to stay above water you would never believe even though I had a strong hustle hand I was bad with money now don’t get me wrong I was big on investing in things to double back my money but I also had a spending issue . It was a stress reliever it felt good just to buy something so just think the more I bought the better I felt I would go to Wal-Mart in the middle of the night and shop for hours but there was a catch to that as well I would shop for sale or clearance items the cheaper it was the more stuff I could buy even if it was $1 I’d just buy them all . Now the only way I got away with this was by starting a non-for profit youth program I’d give it all away every year at Christmas to families in need for the holiday . But don’t get me wrong there was a downside to that having to explain to my boyfriend that I wasn’t cheating and was actually at Wal-Mart for  hours and also having to argue about buying so much he would often call me a hoarder which made me feel a little crazy . But no matter the case it never stopped my hustle if it was something I wanted and 11796425_1031290960217192_3619320807773567075_ndidn’t have it all at the time trust me I put in work and got it no matter how long it took I didn’t have to worry about someone saying what they did because I always made sure I had it . its seems like I have an endless grind to me my imagination runs wild with ideas at all times I’m sure if I run into the right person to back me and have as much faith in me as I do ill be a millionaire over night but I understand patients and also the laws of attraction I’ve changed my ways of thinking over the last few months to make sure I come out on top because there’s no way a person with this much drive and ambition can’t make it to where I’m trying to go my ultimate goal is financial stability for me and my boys so that were comfortable nice and full because right now I’m starving it seems like I have an empty plate I make being a single mother of five boys look easy now just imagine whats coming soon this grind won’t stop  until I’ve reached the top and like I said before “we’re up next”

                                     D’Estin Perry

4 thoughts on “Hustle Sauce”

  1. I have to be honest, I’ve heard your name before several times. Nor of those times really good. I didn’t and still don’t know you from Adam to Eve. But I knew there was a story behind all those stories. Love your journey! Very inspiring and encouraging. Keep your head up and your heart free and God will do the rest. You’re a blessing darling, don’t ever forget that. Looking forward to hearing more about your life and what you are going to look like when you come out on the other side. #Golden

    1. I appreciate the encouragement gives me the drive to do better like I always say never read a book by its cover until you’ve opened it up and read the story thanks again love

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