Late nights early mornings

It’s seems like there’s never enough time in the day like I just don’t get everything done sometimes. I’ve always been a night owl me and mornings really don’t get along so being a single mother is overwhelming at times often being up late no matter if I’m working on a project working or just up when morning comes it’s a hassle. I get up around 5:45 every morning get the four oldest up for school the three youngest out to the bus by 6:35am and my oldest at 7:35am. My Mondays are usually free days getting things done and ready for the week we keep a schedule and chore charts weekly so everyday the kids know exactly what we are going to do at all times. That makes it easier for me to keep things in order to.

But the hardest part is having all the kids involved in activities or sports trying to be in every place at once is very hard. So I try to manage everything according to what I can really do since the bigger boys are older and able to stay home alone that’s makes things a little easier to run here and there getting things done.

So I’ve learned that daily planning is the key for me long as we have a schedule it’s easier to keep things together. Seeing that I’m not good with time and often over sleep trying to get up in the morning getting my body in the habit of getting up and holding a schedule helps the issue of being up all night.

 D’Estin Perry

4 thoughts on “Late nights early mornings”

  1. Wow ! You never know what a person is going thru or what they have been thru… you are truly a living testimony!!! I’m so glad your children have their mom!

  2. I just figured out I can comment on here…lol Anyway, girl I be going crazy’ and feeling overwhelmed with just 3 kids and my husband! I couldn’t even imagine being in your shoes, going through what all you’ve been through, and yet you are thankful for your storms! That right there shows that you were created for greatness! Keep going! Keep encouraging others, as myself and others will continue to encourage you on your great journey (Even the strongest need encouragement)! I must say I absolutely love how transparent and brave you are about opening up and sharing some of your world with others! I have some things I’d like to share with the world, but it’s not my season. And I’m fine with that. None the less, I give you serious props and sending prayers up for you and your PARTY of SIX

    1. my heart smiles with joy thank you love i appreciate that and god bless you as well just understand when he sends them signs don’t miss them your story could save a life thanks again love take care

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