Mommy Melt Down

No one understands that even the strongest people sometimes breakdown even tho I’ve been doing well and trying to stay focused reading up on lots of knowledge that’s needed. I endured some bad news a few days ago I woke up in great spirits and ready for the day and challenges I had coming my way and I myself don’t do well when I feel overwhelmed. I tend to pull away and stay to myself until I’m back to feeling like I’m ready to deal with people again and that’s a very bad habit to have. Sometimes people don’t understand or may think I become distant but in so many ways I just shut down until I feel like I’ve solved the problem.

Being a single mother a lot of times I get over whelmed with daily life getting up at 5:30am every morning to get the kids ready for school to making sure my toddler is content through out the day while doing housework and handling business until the kids return home around 3pm. Which then allows me a little more free time to get things done in the house while the older kids entertain my toddler. We have 4pm homework time and every hour after that is scheduled until 9pm which is their bedtime and even though I have a schedule that helps it still seems like there is just not enough time in the day to do it all my self.

19ec175995cd407166a04ab606e29306I often feel like I’m gonna leave someone behind or not get something done so I over work my self trying to focus on it all not giving myself a chance to breathe. I’ve learned that no one can do it all alone but being that I am without that option I tend to usually over work my self into exhaustion. So being emotional doesn’t help when there’s no time to focus on others problems being who I am I’ve learned to let go of a lot of things and very easy. I look for signs often whether it’s in a person or a situation I feel may go wrong I now tend to go the other way. When you learn that negativity can block so many blessings you’ll have a very easy mindset and be able to tend to lean more towards positive people or situations.

I’ve started reading lots of books lately and watching videos as well as seminars on life which gives me knowledge to grow my surroundings. I’ve also began a vision board to help set my ultimate goals and dreams in place to make sure I stay on track everyday and maintain a positive and healthy mindset. I have also placed my self around more positive wealthy people that encourages me everyday to reach higher standards and often I still seem to fall short with a mental breakdown trying to take it all in.

So like they say even the strongest people need to breakdown every once in a while and the worst part about being strong is that no one ever ask if your ok.

D’Estin Perry

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