Sunday fun day

AirBrush_20160814202853It’s never a dull moment around my house on a sunday wakeup bumping that good old H-Town or Adina Howard as I’m cleaning the house doing laundry and getting ready for the famous Sunday dinner . Yes I know I don’t look like your typical mom but I live for every moment being a mother means the world to me I always wanted a big family and trust me I got just that . Learned a lot on my own but never in a million years did I think I’d be a single mother of five wooooo scary huh . It’s not as easy as I make it look trust me these kids can be off the hook “mom he hit me” “mom I’m hungry” “mom mom mom mom mom” gets overwhelming at times but one thing I do is keep a schedule it works out great keeping them on a routine is so much easier.  From sun up to sun down its helps keep me a Lil more organized without loosing my sanity all at once . I usually call Sunday the fun day because I give them options to run around outside or play games most of the day as I have my mommy moment around the house . We usually wine down bout 7pm have dinner which leads to baths and bed by 9pm and you know what that means I get more mommy time!!. Time for me to relax get my thoughts together for the week I’m always so busy with the boys I don’t often get time for me.

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