Sunday Funday


You already know what that means house work while music playing  food cooking and getting ready for the week. This week things start to get rough but the schedule will still be in place the boys got football practice dance practice and a few more extra activities not even including things I have to do. It’s almost like I look back sometimes and wonder how did I get through that week but knowing I’m blessed and put him first keeps me going.
I’ve got a great blessing in the making and still can’t believe it but I’ve always said he had something for me but just didn’t know what it was. So many doors have began to open up for me since my move and just recently I had an issue with my truck I had been trying to get it resolved. Id bought a vehicle from a janky car place in Indiana before I moved and had a few issues with getting paperwork done on it and Id been without a vehicle for a few weeks.

Can you imagine being without a vehicle living in Atlanta yea I know right it’s almost impossible. Well to make a long story short a blessing came right on time someone id met a while ago prior to moving here called me and said hey I got something I want you to see so I went by and he’d bought me a new vehicle only for me to be surprised id never had anyone do anything and not to that nature for me and my boys. So when I say blessings on top of blessings its time to take heed what he’s doing for me I’ve got a clear mind and have let go of so much negativity and I feel great about it all.

When god is showing you signs be sure not to miss them pay attention to them all and count every blessing letting go of negativity and hate will often open up more room for your blessings to have. Remind yourself daily of the value you carry and the worth you hold as well as never settling for anything or lowering your standards for your happiness. My past defines who I’ve become and how strong I am I was born to battle and won many wars and just over come the biggest battle Id thought Id had yet. Only for me to realize it was all a test  run to insure for the next season .

I feel like nothing but greatness is on its way and I’m ready to receive it all with open arms and a clear mind. Just when I thought 2016 had been the worst for  me he reminded me that it wasn’t over yet and the best was yet to come. My breakthrough is now the moment Id been living for is here and I couldn’t be more happy. So as always stay encouraged never give up and once you ask you must believe to be able to receive stay blessed everyone happy sunday.

             D’Estin Perry

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