Off they go

It’s that time a year again back to school they go some of us mothers are jumping up and down with excitement about the joy it brings to see our children to reach new levels in life while giving ourself a pat on the back knowing we made it all happen by ourselves. Busting our butt with over time and a heavy grind the past 4 weeks to get every supply book bag shoes and gear they need. But there’s some jumping up and down with excitement of being kid free the next eight hours with no job and nothing to do but lay up sit on social media while using her ebt card to cook some random guy a meal for coming by to smoke a sack and leave her with a wet ass after she stood in every line the past 3 weeks for free school supplies and free haircuts while calling shabooboo for the free braids for her daughter for the low . There’s two types of mothers which one are you? I know I’m the type to get the

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job done no matter what I’m going through . My kids are my everything the only reason I still breathe without them there’s no me and everything I do is for my team . I’m raising five men and that alone scares me to death praying everyday I make no mistakes I have to show them better that’s all that’s running through my mind making sure every step counts without wasting time. I try to keep them busy so busy they wouldn’t have a chance to do wrong hoping and praying the devil doesn’t come along trying to destroy my home I don’t have it in my plans to hear one of them sad church songs . Everyday I gotta stay focused no matter what the case may be I’m going to go above and beyond to protect my family . Sad to say I’m all they’ve got one wrong move can change our life and ruin everything that I’ve always taught . I’ve instilled in my boys that they are leaders they are the best my plan is for them to never have to look at the white man and say yes  no matter how long it takes us the ultimate goal is success . So it’s starts at home teach your kids well failure is not an option in my home and dope isn’t the only hustle I know I’ve got along way with my boys but trust me when I say “we’re up next” it’s been along road lots of tears with a gang of stress but god told me to be patient don’t worry say less just know when it’s time don’t forget to flex.

             D’Estin Perry

P.s. All the kids looked great!!!!