Who is D’Estin

PhotoGrid_1468884008786Something I know that was asked frequently No one ever really knew who I was just of me and that’s what made it so much harder. Often people judge you off what they hear not actual facts. I was often misunderstood by so many hearing stories I didn’t even know about myself and would be surprised . I’m actually a very outgoing warm-hearted always ready to help loving person. But where I’m from I had to become this monster I wasn’t . I grew up with nothing but heartache and what seems like I¬†wish were all bad dreams. But what i have is countless stories of battles i had to fight to get to where i am now. People often say “child you got a testimony” . But in my mind it’s still hard to believe that i actually survived so many battles even though it was many times i was ready to throw in the towel i trusted in him to get me to the next step. I lost a lot of people on my way but i guess they say everyone is like seasons some i just can’t understand and took me awhile to let go but i must say some was nothing but in my way of being great I know this step I’ve taken was for the better and I can see the success from a mile away but I got some stories to tell and a few things to say some may relate some may disagree but I want the world to know who I really am and why God chose me.