The Rockhill Massacre

Hearing about the ongoing violence in my city brings back lots of memories when it hits to close to home. I recently heard about one of the latest shootings back home a triple homicide and as I listened to the many different stories I began to zone out with nothing but thoughts running through my mind of the night we lost MC. It all played it self all over again.

On september 28,2002 was one of the scariest moments of all time I’ve ever encountered I was the last person to hug him and the last person to hold on to his hand as he laid there helpless. But I can say he seemed at peace no struggle no fighting he just laid there I can remember lifting up his shirt to see where he was hit and to not be able to understand the wounds they looked so small all I could say was you good its nothing I just kept saying it over and over in his ear. It was so much going on so many people standing around with so many screams and yells I was confused on to run and check on everyone else or stay there and hold on to him.

I looked over and seen a friend’s sister standing there next to me and she had on scrubs so I was thinking maybe she’s some type of nurse I looked up and I asked her if she could sit right there with him while I checked on everyone in the house so I laid his head down and got up. After checking on everyone in the house I came back out mind you about 10 minutes later there were more screaming so many crying and the police just standing around looking at us all. I started yelling why aren’t you doing anything where’s the ambulance?  I walked back over to him and at that time the girl had sat down and was rubbing his head I looked and I yelled his name grabbed his hand and he was squeezing so tight.

At this point I called my uncle to tell them what was going on it had been about 30 minutes as he lay out there in the street in the downtown area with no ambulance in sight to this day I’m not sure why none of us thought to take him to the hospital our self because by time they got there he was just taking his last few breaths. I never got the understanding of what really happened at the hospital or why they couldn’t save him he held on until he got there so ill never understand it at all.

10678816_10101373543036123_8071797333129030974_nWhat I do know is that we gave him one hell of a celebration the streets was filled with nothing but laughs crying and joy MC was loved by so many it was crazy and until this day everyone still keeps it lit for him. The good times ill never forget the memories the laughs still plays over and over in my mind and the famous words I can hear him yelling when he seen me “WHATS CRACKIN” and don’t let it be a fight all you heard was MC yelling “GET IT CRACKIN” Man oh man the days now these are true 7 figg days for real we were not a gang we were a family that was just very big and I’m glad to see all of my cousins doing well and great  so again RIH MC!!!!!! MY FIGGA MY FIGGA.

 D’Estin Perry

Sending prayers to my city as i know they’re hurting right now from all sides and directions i pray that they all come together soon theres nothing worse then a fatherless child

This story was just to sum up a short memory of that night but will be continued in possible detail in my book that will be soon to come.