Wal-mart vs Target

For me I’ve always been a Wal-Mart shopper seems like they always had better deals on everything and after they started price matching it was over . The only downside to Wal-Mart is sometimes the fruit or vegetables might not be fresh but for the most part it’s a go . I love catching the fresh mark downs it’s always a lot of great deals far as kids clothing and toys go you can never go wrong in that area especially when you have five boys growing like crazy at that . It’s very rare I find good things at target at a decent price but I can and will say some items are better quality but a little out of my league when it comes to price range for me . As a single mother I do a lot of bargain shopping it’s kinda mandatory when your on a set budget or know what you can afford at that time . I have to shop smart to make sure everyone gets what they need . I’ve try ed jumping into the coupon world a few times but could never really get the hang of it plus it seemed like it was so many restrictions on using them in stores such as Walmart or Target . Another downside to Target they’ve just now began the whole grocery part and it just isn’t a very big selection I feel like if they want to compete with Walmart they definitely need to expand . But in all in all wal.art still gets my vote just seems to fit my budget a lot better than Target helps save when it comes to being a single mother as well .

         D’Estin Perry